Better call Saul


In order to promote its new Breaking Bad spin-off series, Better Call Saul, AMC put out an online comic called, Client Development. The book ties neatly into the original series, while at the same time focusing on side characters like Goodman himself and Mike Ehrmantraut.  The story is by Jenn Carroll and Gordon Smith, both of whom worked on Breaking Bad, with artwork by Steve Ellis, who also did the art for previous AMC Breaking Bad comics.


It’s a pretty good comic, that captures the atmosphere and themes of the original series very well. Also, for once, it’s a prequel-tie-in that ties into that original storyline quite seamlessly. You don’t need to read it to get Breaking Bad, but having seen the show helps to get the subtler references.  And I particularly liked the back-up fantasy story about Goodman as a superhero lawyer.

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  1. mikerhode says:

    Wim, do you have the link for the previous comic?

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