Brecht illustrates the classics

Neal cassady (on the road) - Kerouac

For quite a while now,  Brecht Evens has been providing illustrations for a running feature in the Belgian newspaper De Morgen‘s weekly literature section, about the real people that inspired famous works of fiction.

Even though in the earliest tableaux of this series he may have been searching a little for a fitting visual language, the recent ones are actually mindblowing, such as Neil Cassidy driving the bus in Kerouac’s On The Road. Below are, in order, more examples, with Brecht’s visualisation of Candide, Alice In Wonderland, Wuthering Heights, The Picture of Dorian Gray and Robinson Crusoe.

If you need more of Brecht’s wondrously colorful imagery, and a mesmerizing story to boot, you may want to check out his latest graphic novel, Panther, which is out now, though not in English (yet).

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