Aaron Renier brings the Ephemerist out of retirement


Some 10 years ago, Aaron Renier’s Spiral-bound helped me regain my faith in comics, and now he shoots a jolt of electricity through the liveless lump that is the Ephemerist as if he was the good doctor himself.

This strip, which he published on his website and shared in the OuBaPo cartoonists group, has everything this little blog needs: not only is it wittily written and does the art seem adequately antique, it’s also incredibly intelligent in its use of limited space. And it evokes at once old comics advertising and Al Jaffe’s legendary fold-ins. Print out, fold and enjoy!

Way to go Aaron! It’s alive! Alive!!

ps – publisher Top Shelf announced a new printing of Spiral-bound for December, 2015. Why haven’t you pre-ordered it yet (except if you have it already, of course, I guess)?

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