The transience of love with Adrian Tomine

New Yorker cover by Adrian Tomine

The cover for the New Yorker magazine’s first issue of the year was created by none other than my personal favorite Adrian Tomine. It focuses on the weird, international trend of solidifying your love for one another by fixing a padlock to a bridge.

In 2015 media reported that the part of the railing of the Pont Des Arts in Paris, where the tradition seems to have started, had collapsed under the weight of the locks. Paris city officials had started to remove the locks, an example that was swiftly followed by other cities around the world that saw their bridges beleaguered by loved-up couples, and started removing the mementoes. Which in turn may be read as an ironic take on the fleeting nature of symbols, as splendidly represented by Mr. Tomine in the above illustration.

Incidentally, in 2013 amateur lock pickers already started a campaign to free the Brooklyn Bridge from so-called “Love Locks”, in an attempt to prevent rust and premature decay.

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