Get away with anything, as long as you’re slim enough

Train Robbery by SoS Ideas

This is one weird campaign. To promote the benefits of Glow Zero, a slimming product by Glamour world, Indian agency SoS Ideas created a seven-episode comic about a female cat-burglar who manages to escape from prison after using slimming pills.

Not only is the comic’s premise laughable¬†(why would anybody want to steal a train?), the execution may as well be a parody of what a comic should be, from the page layout (no wonder the train gets derailed,with all the slanted panels) to the actual copy (“Should I join? What if they kill me if I say ‘No’?”). Finally, and that may as well be the worst offence in this endeavour, the art requires a call out to the product, or you simply would not have seen it.

At least it provided a laugh. And it provided Indian cartoonist Harsho Mohan Chattoraj with an international platform.

(via Ads of the World)

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