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What better way for a new magazine to attract new readers than a competition that requires them to buy each new issue faithfully in order to have a better chance at winning? And so the spanking new Pilote Magazine, founded in 1959 to compete on French soil with successful Belgian imports Tintin and Spirou, joined forces with Esso for a recurring puzzle in its first issues, albeit with the appropriate comic slant.

Every week Où Est L’Erreur presented a new picture of an Esso service station was published, featuring a single error that the readers needed to spot and send in, together with a corner of the page to prove you actually purchased the magazine. The visuals were created by none other than Belgian cartoonist Jidéhem (pseudonym for Jean De Mesmaeker), a long-time contributor to Spirou magazine, a.o. with fabulous illustrations for the recurring motoring articles (featuring his character, Starter) but also as one of the creative forces behind Gaston Lagaffe and Spirou Et Fantasio.

Check out the rest of the episodes in this competition after the click.

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