Chvrches animated by Jamie McKelvie

I’ve just finished reading Phonogram by Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen and I’m pretty sure this must be the best comic I have ever seen to express the finesses and idiosyncrasies of music fandom, or rather, music nerddom. The idea of phonomancers, or musical wizards, who wield enormous knowledge of, er, indie Britpop to, well, rule their own little rooms, is almost too painfully and accurately recognisable. And McKelvie’s deadpan, understated art is simply to die for (and his work on The Wicked + The Divine shows that he’s still perfecting his unique grasp of technology and visual effects to further the story).

Thanks to an article on Comics Alliance I learned that in 2015 McKelvie collaborated with  Australian animation studio Mighty Nice on an animated music video for the song Bury It by Scottish electro band Chvrches, a band that in itself would doubtlessly be in the pantheon of the Phonogram denizens. It’s like art imitating art, and I’m constantly going back to it.

(check out the CA article for some very nice examples of rock posters by comic artists)

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