The Möbius Comic

In addition to his quite remarkable autobiographical strips, John “Nohj” Cullen likes to skirt the boundaries of what is possible in short comics with his Gramfel series, if not simply how far you can take a Garfield parody without getting into trouble with the Jim Davis empire.

The 42nd Gramfel strip combines playing around with the formal constraints of the medium with the theme of dread and recurrence that often plays in Nohj’s strips. It looks like a one-page comic that pretty much ends the way it starts. With some handiwork, though, you can turn it into a Möbius strip, a paper ring that, thanks to a single twist in the paper, is basically a 3D body with only one side, thus cleverly reflecting the subject of the strip in its form.

I must admit, things like this make me quite happy.

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