The wonders of modern photography

In 1985, clear line powerhouse Ted Benoit (who sadly passed away last year), had already published his first Ray Banana graphic novel, Berceuse électrique, and was preparing the second one, Cité Lumière, for the next year (Benoit famously said that a book every year was madness).

In between, he took an assignment from photography equipment manufacturer Kodak to create a short strip extolling the benefits of modern photography techniques for the graphics industries.

Visually speaking, Benoit is still very much a Hergé purist in this strip, finding his way in this particular, stringent style in terms of line, colour and composition. It’s still a long way off from his masterpiece, La philosophie dans la piscine. When it comes to storytelling though, this is already Benoit in full form, full of irony and communication that goes wrong. Due to the fact that he doesn’t use the modern Kodak products, our editor runs late and misses his appointment with the Kodak guy, who chats up the secretary with his boasts about said products (and more?). A real little gem.

(thanks to Ted Benoit Dessinateur for the scan)

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