Robbedoes has Dutch roots

With Tulips from Istanbul, the latest in the Spirou By spinoff series of Spirou and Fantasio adventures, Dutch cartoonist Hanco Kolk has created the first Spirou book that is quintessentially Dutch. For once, the original story is not in French, and Spirou is first and foremost Robbedoes.

On his Facebook page, Kolk presented this beautiful image, collecting all the giants that inspired him in the making of his book. Spirou godfather André Franquin, of course, along with atom style hero Yves Chaland, but also storyteller extraordinaire René Goscinny and two of the greatest masters of screwball comedy, Billy Wilder and Harvey Kurtzman. And if you look closely, you also see other great examples of the deadpan humor that Kolk favours, such as his bosom buddy Peter De Wit’s Sigmund, Mark Retera’s Dirk Jan and the hyperactive zaniness of Edika and L’Echo Des Savannes. It at least whets your appetite for the actual book…

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