New prehistoric stamps for Conz, and also Smurfs

Flemish cartoonist Conz (pseudonym for Constantijn Van Cauwenberge) is turning into the go-to guy for the Belgian postal services when it comes to designs about prehistoric fauna and flora. After his dinosaur series from 2014, Conz recently announced on his Facebook page that his design for a series of stamps on prehistoric animals has been agreed on, and will be published in August of 2018 (link in Dutch).

Conz also added an initial sketch for the design, which, in my view, provided a lot more dynamism and life than the final artwork. Still, I do like the lonely woolly mammoth wandering the plains.

BPost, the Belgian postal services, also announced a new sheet of Smurf stamps, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Peyo’s little blue dwarves, and features all main characters (Brainy, Grumpy, Smurfette and Papa Smurf) as well as a Black Smurf from the very first album (mind you, not a purple one). This design harkens back to the original artwork of creator Peyo, and is rendered in a nicely sketchy style. This sheet will be available end of January.

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