Peanuts Fashion

Some five years ago I met a woman in a department store who wore a summer dress with a comics print that looked as if it had been lifted from Love and Rockets (or 100 Bullets, the jury is still out). The print was bold, with heavy blacks that were placed in an articulate equilibrium, but was clearly secondary to the quite elegant cut of the actual dress.

I was reminded of this when I was this shirt presented on the Nordstrom website (it’s sold out in the mean time).  The same idea, but executed without even a shred of inspiration. It’s as if five lines of Peanuts images were cut out of a newspaper, and printed at random, without any regard to visual effect. From a distance, this shirt is a jumble of greys, and up close it will distract from the wearer as people will want to read your chest. And at $ 150, that’s hardly peanuts.

(if you want Peanuts on your clothes, go for the bold Kaws designs that Uniqlo is currently running, which are much neater and will only set you back 10 bucks…)

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