Robbedoes supports the Red Cross

Every year in April, the Belgian Red Cross organises a funding drive, during which volunteers ask motorists for contributions at traffic lights and road crossings. For 5 Euros they can buy a bumper sticker featuring a favourite television or comic character. In the past stickers were published with Tintin, Astérix and Lucky Luke, and also local luminaries like Kiekeboe and de Rode Ridder.

This year’s model was designed by Flemish cartoonist Charles Cambré and features the characters from the long-running Robbedoes series, as Spirou is known in Dutch, including de Rommelgem count, Kwabbernoot, IJzerlijm and Spip. Together with writer Marc Legendre, Cambré is also the artist of the (as yet) Dutch-only spinoff, Robbedoes Special, which currently counts two titles (that weren’t half bad, actually).

(Robbedoes © Dupuis, 2017)

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