Explain this, but without words

Sequential images are used for instruction purpose quite regularly across all kinds of consumer goods. The most outstanding example would be the Ikea instruction inserts which, contrary to popular lore, are extremely clear and helpful if you have even a smidge of visual insight.

In fact, their format is so well-wrought that you can use them for much more intricate activities and algorythms, such as public-key cryptography or how graph scans work. Boffins from TU Braunschweig have compiled a number of Idea (get it?) instructions as illustrations. And even if you don’t really get what they are on about, the visualisation makes a lot clear.

(Illustration by Sándor P. FeketeSebastian Morr, and Sebastian StillerCC by-nc-sa 4.0 – Thanks, Κωνσταντίνος)

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