Forgive me father, for I have sinned…

It’s been more than three months since my last post, and even then my output was at best sketchy. But on my daily walk today, the Holy Spirit Of Blogging came over me again, and I could not help but speak.

While walking I came across an appliance store that had what must be one of the most out-there pieces of comics merchandise I’ve ever seen. Or have you heard of other long-running comics that have actual bathroom scales with specially made, actually funny illustrations?

These scales by Salter feature Belgian cartoonist Philippe Geluck‘s celebrated character, Le Chat, the star of one of the most successful (and most Belgian) newspaper comics to come out of my country. Geluck is a master at combining an absurdly simplified art style with a keen eye for the absurd in any situation. A more than basic grasp of French is required to grasp all the wordplay and double meanings, but they are, without exception, divine.

The cartoons read as follows :

  1. I gained another kilo. Either that, or my scales are in Daylight Savings Time now.
  2. It’s a little more. Will you take it anyway?

(English editions of some of Geluck’s books were published as Le Cat by Rue Elise, but these seem to be out of print)

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