Sunday Evening Special – Hiss Golden Messenger

If you’ve been following this blog for longer, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been floundering for a couple of years now. I guess part of hitting middle age is you start questioning the things you’ve been investing time in, and the meagre benefits your reap from them, material or otherwise.

This is one of the themes that I plan on using in one more attempt to breathe new life into this wreck, to once more flip the switch and run that infernal current through a lifeless hump of stitched together flesh. You’ll get one song every Sunday evening, on that sweet cusp between the stress of the week and the ensuing bustle of the weekend, and that unknown strain that lays before you. No explanation, no reasons, just good music to have that wine or whiskey waltz to while you stare into oblivion. Have a good night.

This series is also in loving memory of Jon Bravard, who used to provide his friends with similar milestones for many, many years. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Jon in person, but his emails and messages were always a source of inspiration and sustenance. And I hope these humble clips will mean the same to you. Peace.


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