Those are some marvellous stamps, old bean.

Britain’s Royal Mail has announced the issue of a series of Marvel-themed stamps with a British slant, to be released in March 2019. A total of ten stamps will be published featuring the heroes of the day (i.e. the ones that are in the movies or on TV), along with a sheet that contains five stamps in an action sequence featuring Thanos. Oh, and there’s Captain Britain and Union Jack, which is nice, with Brexit around the corner and all.

The stamps will be designed by British cartoonist Alan Davis (of Marvelman, Judge Dredd and ClanDestine fame), and will feature particular British (well, London) elements, like the Gherkin and Trafalgar Square (if you look close). They are available in a myriad of formats which will set you back a couple of hundred dollars if you want it all.

But the stamps look good — they are well-designed, they have the appropriate comic-book feel to them (with captions and word bubbles) and, thanks to Davis’s art, they don’t look like they’ve been pasted together in an idle Tuesday afternoon like we have seen with superhero stamps in the past.

Marvel stamp
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