Stamps 2021 : Belgium

Belgian’s post office BPost always excels itself in its confusing communication style. If you want to know what the stamps they have planned for 2021 look like, you need to either watch a YouTube slide show or buy a 6.50 € booklet.  Luckily, cartoonist Conz already alerted us to the design he did for one of this years issues, featuring glow-in-the-dark images of animals in danger. The stamps, which also feature as this year’s EUROPA issues, will be available in June.

This year’s regular comics issue will celebrate women in comics with five different stamps, including Bianca Castafiore (Tintin), Aunt Sidonia (Suske & Wiske), Yoko Tsuno, Mademoiselle Jeanne (Gaston Lagaffe) and Natasha. The series, which will be published on January 25, also doubles as celebration of the 50th anniversary of the series about the adventurous flight attendant. 

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