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In 2001 people in the know thought it would be a good idea to do an animated version of Evan Dorkin’s quintesentially nineties dorkdom comic, The Eltingville Club (I’m using the shortened name from the collected edition). Even though the pilot, which was based on the amazing story, Bring Me The Head Of Boba Fett, had quite favorable critical reaction, Adult Swim never commissioned the whole series.

I only came across it a couple of months ago, while browsing for background info on the comic after rereading said collected edition and getting pretty “There before the grace of God” about it. I discovered the comic when I bought Dark Horse’s sadly short-lived and largely forgotten Instant Piano compilation book on a whim, and my eyes also were forever scarred by the work of people like Mark Badger, Stephen Destefano and Kyle Baker (just kidding). At the time, in the early 90s, I felt some kind of kinship with the losers in the club. Now, some thirty years onwards, I can only pity them, like so many little Rob Gordons (hardly kidding).

For some reason the video was chopped into three parts on Youtube (could it be that YouTube only allowed 10 min videos at the time?). The following two are after the break.

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