Whither inspiration?

We’ve only gotten as far as January 6, and I’m already running out of steam a little. What to present so as to keep you interested? Thankfully, Facebook has this wonderful “memories” feature, that presented me with this little ditty that got me al worked up some six years ago.

I was working at an ad agency in Antwerp at the time, and we received this mailing for a course of some sort on storytelling, organized by Kluwer. The “edgy sketchy” images that were used immediately hit home: this wasn’t just “inspired by” Wally Wood’s seminal 22 Panels That Always Work, these illustrations looked like they were basically traced. And since Wood’s work quite explicitly copyrighted the Wallace Wood Properties, that might not be strictly by the book (especially in an industry that is constantly throwing around concepts like copyright and IP).

Oh well, some poor art director probably got stuck without inspiration for this job, and decided to hack it. And six years on, they presented me with the inspiration for this post. Six transit gloria mundi.

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