The Fight is ON

Over the Christmas Holidays, French cartoonist Thierry Martin started a thread on Facebook, drawing up fight scenes between comic characters that never fought (so bitterly) before. 

Using the hashtag #lescombatscélèbresdanslespaceintericonique, others have since joined in, often taking the opportunity to vent their opinion on American comics or manga making a run for marketshare and readers’ attention (see the above cartoon by Belgian artist Olivier Dekeyser).

Sometimes the constraint is twisted in an interesting way, like this little gem by Augustin Lebon, making a simmering subtext from Franco-Belgian hard-boiled cop series Soda a bit more explicit.

For those of you wanting to join in, here are the rules. Which, let it be clear, may be more of a set of guidelines than a rulebook. 

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