Shooting is Fun

In adition to creating The Spirit, which ran for decades in its own syndicated newspaper supplement, and, arguably, inventing the modern graphic novel (or at least the term), Will Eisner was also well known for his contributions to PS Magazine, the US Army monthly aimed at preventive maintance.

On a similar note, Eisner also created a series of posters to warn firearm enthousiasts to by all means be careful when exercising their hobby. So don’t drink, keep your gun clean and look before you shoot. 

I’m not sure whether Eisner’s screwball cartoons actually made irresponsible gun fans reconsider their practices. It’s also pretty strange, or should I say cynical, that these posters claim to be issued by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, but in reality were printed by something called the Sporting Arms And Ammunitions Manufacturer’s Institute. It’s at least as cyncial as tobacco companies warning against irresponsible smoking.

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