New Meccano

Meccano is a tiny little country in the south of Europe, where the rich do the bidding of the ultra-rich, and life is ruled by greed, hedonism and opportunism. Ever since Dutch atom style magician Hanco Kolk started chronicling life in that gilded cesspool in 1992, he has raised the bar of how stylish a comic can be, but he’s also sunk deeper in the moral mire of what is barely a hyperbole of modern life in the West.

Meccano was published in a number of formats, from a traditional European album to a serialised comic to a graphic novel. And now Poppy, the fifth story in the series (after The Rough Guide, the “final part of Kolks masterpiece”, to quote the blurb) is running as a veritable web comic on Kolk’s website. In English nonetheless, which may pique the interest of some publishers to also make the previous episodes available?

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