Many panels РOn se paie ma t̻te!

Ever since Hergé started Totor, the precursor to Tintin, scouting has been a continuing theme in Belgian comics. The amount of comics that actually feature boy scouts may be limited, but the general philosophy of doing the right thing, putting yourself forward, and a high (Christian) morality is a mainstay in the classic comics of the 50s and 60s (the creators of which often had their own past in le boyscoutisme)

The best known series is probably La Patrouille Des Castors, created by Michel Tacq and Jean-Michel Charlier, which started in 1954 in Spirou magazine. The long running series started as a rough-and-tumble adventure comic but, as its characters grew older, gradually became more serious and grounded in real-world issues.

This page, from La Bouteille A La Mer (1959) is typical for that early period, when Mitacq and Charlier would gladly insert a short comedic interlude in their adventure story to break the rhythm. And it allowed them to also add some barely veiled satirical comedy on how hierarchical government structures work. It’s a very nice little, very talkative, scene, which wouldn’t be out of place in a movie of that period.

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