Real Bommel sneakers

They have nothing in common but their name: the colourful and flashy shoes made by Dutch designer Floris Van Bommel, and cartoonist Marten Toonder most celebrated creation, honored gentleman Olivier B. Bommel (or Bumble, as he is known in English).

But as the french say, les extrêmes se touchent, and so Floris delighted everybody recently by announcing a new sneaker, dedicated to the noble bear. The shoe will be available from March, 2021 and will feature Bommel’s trademark red-and-yellow checked coat design, as well as his very likeness on the tongue.

All proceeds from the shoes will be donated to the Toonder Compagnie, dedicated to perserving and promoting Marten Toonder’s legacy. Van Bommel presented the organisation also with the domain, but that is currently not (yet) in use.

So, if you’re willing to spend € 219 ($ 265) on these sneakers, you will be bang on trend when the official Olivier B. Bommel themepark is scheduled to open…

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