Michael Cho covers return to Marvel

I’m a big fan of designer and cartoonist Michael Cho, almost enough to make me want to go and  buy the numerous special editions he does for various publishers. Take, for example, these Marvel Comics issues announced for March, 2021, with special two-tone Cho covers.  I won’t buy them in the end, because I know that the characters mean nothing to me beyond their iconicity. I don’t know their current storyline, their backstories or who’s currently in charge of writing and art. 

But I like what Cho does with them. His heavy brushstroke is reminiscent of a classic 60s comics style, but with a certain sophistication that is most definitely from the Twenty-First century. In my opinion, the best of this series is the Immortal Hulk #44 cover, which could just have been a pinup insert in a bronze age book.

Just for completeness’ sake, here are the covers that Cho did for a similar run in February, 2016. Now, these covers popped. and referenced a certain 60s dynamic even more explicitly.

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