Truth in comics : what is your favourite color?

Sometimes, while you’re just idly reading a comic, you’re struck by a single nugget of truth that you weren’t expecting. Here’s one I came across recently...

You can say what you want about how DC is trying to milk the cash cow that is Watchmen until it’s dry, with its most recent spinoff, the ongoing Rorschach book, they seem to have stumbled on something good.

Written by Tom King (who also did Mr. Miracle) and illustrated by Jorge Fornés, the book is being presented as part of the Black Label line, and for once that means more than gratuitous violence and easy nihilism. King and Fornés tell an engaging story, with excellent pacing and an intriguing narrative that keeps you on board. So much so that you sometimes need to take a step back to realise that the art is actually pretty good on its own as well.

In issue 4 (March, 2021) the main character is continuing his investigation of the murder attempt on presidential candidate Turley where a Rorschach-like character died along with his young accomplish. He sets out to interview an associate of said accomplish, who kicks off with the above riff on favourite colors.

It’s a seemingly totally irrelevant detail, but it hits home in its truthfulness and fully establishes the veracity of an storyline that may be labeled as farfetched fan service. I’m pretty much hooked.

(Artwork by Jorge Fornés, © 2020 DC Entertainment)

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