Guernsey loves Rupert

It doesn’t take a much to create a good comics-themed postage stamp. Guernsey celebrated the centennial of the celebrated Rupert Bear comic in 2020 by issuing  a very toned down, yellow-themed sheetlet with a stamp featuring a classic depiction of the checked-trousered bear.

Along with this sheetlet, a series of six separate stamps were issued featuring five characters from the comics, including Rupert Bear, Podgy Pig, Edward Trunk, Bill the Badger and Algy Pug, all with the same, very stylish design with a yellow background and a white border.

After the 1993 winter issue featuring several characters from the comic, this is the second major Guernsey issue celebrating Rupert, whose creator, Herbert Tourtel, they can proudly count among their own.  

The stamps are available in a myriad of editions, from First Day Covers to Sheets of 10 from the Guernsey Post website. And they look a lot better than the ones the Royal Mail put out.

Rupert®, © Entertainment Rights Distribution Limited/Express Newspapers 2007

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