Julian Bond on Vietnam

In 1965 Horace Julian Bond was elected to the George House of Representatives but he was expelled because of his stance against the war in Vietnam. The next year the Supreme Court ruled in his favour and he served in the House and the Georgia Senate until 1986.

Together with artist T.G. Lewis, Bond published a comic book, Vietnam, in 1967, to explain his position on the war, as a black man, but also from a historical and geopolitical perspective. Even after all this years, it is a very poignant essay that hasn’t lost any of its relevance. 

It is a pity that the artwork was scanned at such a low resolution (the comic has been available for quite some time), as it is an excellent example of the type of documentary, realistic art that was prevalent at that time (see also Gerry Shamray’s work on American Splendor).

The comic can be read in its entirety on the University of Virginia Sixties Project website, together with additional materials. The blog Mars Will Send No More has a good essay on the comic itself. 

Artwork © 1991 Julian Bond and T.G. Lewis or Viet Nam Generation, Inc., all rights reserved. Used for review purposes.

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