Small stories, full of pain

Some stories are very small; they hardly register as anecdotes. Yet at the same time, they imply lifetimes of pain and heartache and leave the reather with a sweet sense of nostalgia, having taking part in a familiar sadness but only for the duration of the story.

In the February 8, 2021 issue of the New Yorker magazine, cartoonist Paul Rogers takes a small anecdote from Doug Ramsey’s Paul Desmond biography, Take Five and makes it into Audrey Hepburn’s Favorite Song. It features Desmond, Audrey Hepburn, Dave Brubeck, and unrequited feelings. It is a meticulously drawn little gem, with each line and every swatch of two-tone colour just right to convey a subtle message. It is simply a wonder to behold.

(Illustration by Paul Rogers, © 2021 Condé Nast)

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