Guibert for Angoulême

Guibert for Angouleme

Let’s face it, there was no Angoulême Festival this year. All the well-willing press releases and online happenings couldn’t possibly make up for browsing around in the Nouveau Monde tent, getting into a scrap for a ticket in a dédicace queue or having a coffee or a demi in Le Chat Noir. But there are exhibitions on at the Musée (not to be confused with La Musée de la Bande Dessinée, which was flooded earlier this week). 

Emmanuel Guibert, winner of the Grand Prix in 2020, created this beautiful picture for his expo. It’s an image that is all too familiar for everybody who has kids reading comics : they may be totally immersed in the story, but at the same time they are ready to jump up and continue the adventure themselves. 

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