Jaffee lampoons DC makeover obsession

In the 1990s DC deemed their heroes’ costumes were up for a makeover. Superman got an all-blue body (or an all-red one, depending on which split. In the movies Batman’s suit got all black, and later all nipply and some night-blue shade of purple, while Superman reprised the 1963 Red-Blue split storyline with an all new bodysuit, and for some reason Wonder Woman suddenly looked like a biker chick.

In 1997 DC invited Mad Magazine legend Al Jaffee to create one of his fold-ins for their annual Christmas card, and he couldn’t help but make fun of the make over bonanza. I’ll let you guess which character came up after you folded up the image…

(Image by Al Jaffee; characters © 2020 DC Entertainment, with thanks to Ernesto Guevara)

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