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Ever wonder why you fridge makes that noise? Do you need to quickly find out where the rattle or the bleep is coming from? Apparently Electrolux has had that problem in the past, and decided to do something about it.

In the user manual of their 300 series built-in fridges (link in French) they provided this Ikea instructions type comic (complete with speech bubbles), listing all the strange sounds that you may hear and comparing them to sounds that you are familiar with. So at least you know what element purs like a cat, and why the fan sounds like a fly. But I’m not really sure if the “Crack” your total fridge makes (and that is supposed to sound like a cracker) is a good thing…

(Shout out to the lovely people on the Oubapo and Constrained Comics Facebook group, and especially Yoann Constantin, who brought this gem to our attention) 

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