Diseases are sexy (but so are the cures)

In order to raise awareness about diseases with young people and pop culture fans, in 2019 the Taiwan Centre for Disease Control asked a number of local comic artists and illustrators to contribute to a calendar that featured personifications of the most important and dangerous diseases and infections the CDC wants to warn about.

The result is a rather odd combination of a sexy fashion shoot and a PSA, with some quite hilarious elements. Syphilis looks like a sexy shepherdess and hepatitis is a K-pop boy band. Ebola and the plague keep it more traditional, going for a demonic creature and grim reaper vibe respectively. And thank god for the angelic personifications of the CDC themselves, going for vaccination with a ray gun and quarantine with a (rather small) 747.

If anybody can translate the rest of the copy for me, that would be swell!

(Thanks to Lotta for the tip, and Gene for the link!)

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