Sticky Maltese

While doing a late-night thrawl through Facebook (a very unhealthy habit, I know) I came across this little curiosity. Before Corto Maltese became one of the ultimate cult heroes of serious comics aficionadoes the world over, in the late 70s Corto Maltese by Italian fumettista Hugo Pratt, was enough of a success in his native Italy to merit his own Panini album of collectible stickers.

An honor normally reserved for national and international football competitions (that’s soccer for you, my dear American readers) and the odd movie or television property, the album seems to be a retelling of the story The Celts, with recut artwork and new dialogue.

Individual stickers, which were originally sold in blind packages of four each for 50 lire (or the equivalent of 5 cents at that time), are now offered on Ebay for 4-7 dollars, while complete albums will set you back 350 dollars. Sometimes it’s worth hanging on to your old stuff.

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