Use the mood of the past

I accept it’s probably got something to do with getting older, but lately I’ve been pondering how the future used to look. Take comics, for example. Only 25 years ago, we could have sworn that all valuable comics would be in black and white, self published, autobiographical or a mix of the three.

Once upon a time the best, edgiest stuff you could get was gathered in a multiplex somewhere, to feature on the cover of Overstreet’s Fan magazine, issue 7 (1995). Yep, that’s Chris Ware (Jimmy Corrigan), Mark Hempel (Tug & Buster), Reed Waller (Omaha the Cat Dancer), Peter Bagge (Hate), Jim Woodring (Frank), Paul Pope (THB), Drew Hayes (Poison Elves), Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man), Bernie Mireault (The Jam), John Seven and Jana Christy (Very Vicky), Evan Dorkin (Milk & Cheese), Dave Sim and Gerhard (Cerebus), and Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise).

If you think comics are diverse now, look at this grab bag of moods and spirits. And what potential.

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