The Brusseler, peike!

With The Brusseler (probably prononounced more like The Brusselair, I guess), the Brussels Maison de L’Image wants to pay tribute to the iconic covers of the equally iconic magazine, The New Yorker, by bringing together Belgian and international artists and illustrators from all styles and techniques to give their view on the Belgian capital, in the guise of a New Yorker cover.

The exhibition includes contributions from the likes of Herr Seele, Laurent Durieux, Delphine de Saxe-Cobourg (formerly Boël), Philippe Geluck, Serge Baeken and Mieke Lamiroy. As can be expected, they don’t shy away from referencing Tintin, Manneke Pis, sprouts, Toots, the Atomium or the Grand Place, but you’ll also find Jean-Claude Van Damme, the new KANAL museum and le Jeune Albert, and a whole plethora of facets of that town you love to hate but hate to love. Not all of them are new, but none of them are less than great.

Guests of honor include lumaries like David Merveille, Ever Meulen, François Avril, Luc Schuiten (with an amazing take on Crumb’s A Short History of America) and, quite posthumously, Yves Chaland.

If you need an hour to fill with great art from a small-but-great country, look no further.

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