More Dope Rider!

In 2017 French publisher Tanibis presented a beautiful collection of cartoonist Paul Kirchner’s work (in English) as Awaiting the Collapse. The book contained all Dope Rider strips Kirchner created for High Times magazine, as well as some other comics and illustrations for Screw Magazine.  It was a beautiful book, mostly thanks to Kirchner’s splendid linework that harkened back to a time when psychedelic layouts and storylines were all the rage. A salute to a bygone time, so to speak.

Well, turns out, that wasn’t all. In a new book, A Fistful of Delirium (again with Tanibis), Kirchner presents over a hundred pages of new Dope Rider strips, created after 2015, basically continuing where he left off in the 1980s. The strips are still a hallelujah to the benefits of marihuana use, but Kirchner now mixes his dreamlike vistas with references to recent pop culture, and Native American culture comes to the foreground more than it did in the first collection.

I guess shipping to the US may be a bit of a pain, but these two books are highly recommended (pun intended, even though it’s as dubious as most of Kirchner’s own), as are his other books, The Bus (1 and 2) and Hieronymus & Bosch (all with Tanibis).

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