Dickie moves!

Boerke (or Dickie, as he is known around the world, see also earlier), Flemish cartoonist Pieter De Poortere’s hapless hero celebrates his twentieth birthday!  To celebrate that glorious occasion, a new collection of strips was recently published full to the brim of pop culture references, with Boerke facing one disappointment after another with his heroes.

VRT, the Flemish government TV station, deemed it the right moment to unleash a series of 52 Boerke cartoons (registration required) on their unsuspected audience, replacing a rather subdued program about poetry. It’s the same series that ran previously on Adult Swim France, who also published some of them on their YouTube channel. So if you don’t live in Belgium and you still want to enjoy Boerke’s cruel absurdities in glorious animation, you need to either head there, or get a VPN…

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