Pif Magazine stamps

Contrary to popular belief, there are whole swaths in comics that I don’t know anything about. I’ve seen covers, I’ve heard names, but beyond that, nothing. Zilch. And I’m not talking about comics from faraway lands like China or Chili — present me with your typical French comic magazine from the second half of the 20 century (Pif, Valliant, Bayard, c.s.) and my mind goes blank.

For that reason, I couldn’t tell you anything about these fake stamps that were published in Pif Gadget in 1985, except for what I read on the website where I found them (Fred Andrieu’s excellent Les Trésors De La  Flibuste). Still, It’s alway nice (and in a way sad) to see that stamps were a well-known meme back then that youth-oriented magazine used to connect with their audiences.

On a similar note — Over the years Pif ran various campaigns, often together with their advertisers, to get their readers interested in stamp collecting, as the photos below (scraped from Ebay, similar) can attest.

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