Jeroom gladly gives you a headache

Flemish cartoonist and humorist Jeroom was able to add something totally different to his oeuvre when he unveiled the BMW racing car for which he designed the wrapping. Partly as a hommage to earlier designers of BMW art cars like Roy Lichtenstein, partly in an attempt to confuse other competitors in the race, he baptised his design “project Dafalgan” (Link in Dutch). The car is wrapped in the image of a slighter smaller car of the same model, which in turn sports the image of a still smaller car. And while other drivers are pondering that, the BMW can take the lead. Or at least, that’s the idea.

In any case, when he wins, he’ll be able to keep everybody else from the podium.

Earlier, Jeroom did the design of Belgian racer Tom Boonen’s Ferrari, and reacted aptly when that one was in a very bad crash

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