Mind your back(s)!

Comic readers typically are nerds, obsessing over minute details of story lines, characters, specific panels while they could be solving crime. Quite often, comic readers are also book buyers, faithfully adding each episode of their favorite series to their shelves, quite often only to find that the spines are slightly off, or even have been redesigned completely, triggering all kinds anxieties.

Recently a long established support group of sufferers started sharing examples. If you regularly read Oddlysatisfying, these images might not be for you.

This post was inspired by Bleeding Cool. More book spine thoughts at Comics&Cola, Sarah Neofield, and Luke McKernan.

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2 Responses to Mind your back(s)!

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  2. Thanks so much for the mention! I’m working on a new post in this vein right now and came across yours (will definitely link back)
    Some of these are painful to look at! Great post 🙂

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