Seth covers early sci-fi

A couple of years ago Seth created the logotype and the pretty moodful covers of All the Wrong Questions, Lemony Snickett’s other series of books, which ended after only four volumes. It looks like Seth fans may need to make some room on their shelves, as more books are a-coming.

Radium Age, a new series from MIT celebrating early science fiction writers and precursors of the genre, just announced their first wave of titles, none of which are familiar to me (but that’s me), but each with their own bespoke, splendid Seth cover illustration perfectly reflecting the time and the mood of the books. And with an appropriately retro series logo to boot, what’s not to like?

So far four books have been presented, including a short story collection, with eight more in various stages of approval. Stay tuned!

(via HiLoBrow)

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