All Hail The Handsome Doctor

Back in 1949 serums were the talk of the town when combatting diseases, which lead to feats of heroism like in the above advertisment strip for Gillette safety razors (with a compartment for used blades!). And when I’m talking about heroism, I don’t mean the brave pilot who landed outside of the landing strip, but I’m referring to the rugged doctor, of course.

This strip brings up so many questions :

  • How does it take 8 hours to administer 200 serums?
  • Why does that doctor insist on shaving for an interview on the radio?
  • “You flew the serum! Why…” — because she’s a pilot?
  • What’s “M-m-m-m Handsome” and how can we get this more cringe?
  • Were there antiserumers back then?

Anyway. Luckily we’ve come a long way and gender bias is a thing of the past!

(Image from Fantastic Novels vol. 2, issue 6 – March 1949)

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  1. By process of elimination (and with some comparison) I have come to the conclusion that this ad series may have been drawn by Elmer Wexler. But sadly, I am not sure and there is no way to confirm it.

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