Crossing the streams, Tintin style

(edit – updated info on the two cameos in panel 1, thanks to Darko and Paul)

Thanks to the French comics news site ActuaBD, we now know that even American creators know their classics. In this short comic from Fantastic Four Giant Adventures #1 (2009), Paul Tobin and Dustin Weaver show how The Thing dreams in a clear line style (albeit with a less than clear line story).

Keen eyes will notice that Weaver also included Tintin creator Hergé in the first panel, but also his long time collaborators E.P. Jacobs and Jacques Martin. two other denizens of the comics pantheon : Jack Kirby and Tezuka Osamu. Now that’s crossing the streams. I also like which characters from the Marvel and the Tintin universe were mapped. Especially the Calculus-Richards mix is pretty neat.

Fantastic Four © Marvel, Tintin © Hergé / Moulinsart 

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