Yoko Ono Cartoonist

Last week I dragged a few good friends along with me to the Yoko Ono retrospective in the amazing new Chipperfield wing in the Zürich Kunsthaus. It was an interesting, funny and moving exhibition, mainly focusing on Ono’s work as a performance artist and as a member of the Fluxus movement, with drawings, movies and recreations of iconic works. True to the original nature of many of her works, the show invited the public to contribute in many ways.

One of the smaller pieces on show was Ono’s Ad for Bagwear from a 1966 exhibition catalogue. Looked at from a half century’s distance, these pages would not be out of place in today’s webcomic ecosphere, with their quirky lines, self-referential logic and quaint humor.

Photographs taken at This Room Moves At The Same Speed As The Clouds, which is still on until May 29.

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