Super board games!

Earlier this month I visited the Fumetto comics festival in Luzern, Switzerland. One of the main items on the agenda was an exhibition by Peter Poplaski on the 20th Century super-hero and his precursors, relation to classical pantheons and appearances in modern media. Poplaski’s obsession with Zorro is well-documented, and the original Caped Crusader played a heavy part in this show as well.

Most artifacts in the exhibition came from Poplaski’s personal collection, and included some interesting oddities, like these vintage game boards for Zorro and Superman board games. As they came without a rule set, it was a challenge to find out what they were about.

Judging from the board, the Zorro game (one of several, it would seem) is basically a Monopoly round robin type game, with a prison and a Start field, various type of bonus and challenge cards to collect. Not sure how it’s supposed to end though. Oh, and that horse is sure on something.

As opposed to others, Calling Superman seems to focus on Superman’s relation to mass media, the professional field of his alter-ego, Clark Kent. I couldn’t make heads or tails of the game based on the board, and I wasn’t able to find an instruction sheet on the Internet. The illustration are neat, though.

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