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X-ray speech bubble

It would seem that the speech bubble has totally fallen from grace in adland. I had to go all the way back to July, 2020 on Ads of the World to find one, and it’s a problematic one at that.  … Continue reading

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These speech bubbles are real speech bubbles!

If you say all at once, your message is hard to digest, but if you say it in little burps, it’s easier to stomach. That, or something like it, seems to be the message in these ads for yet another … Continue reading

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Speech Bubble Whiteboard

This speech bubble whiteboard was created by Chris Burke.  Read more at Lifehacker, or check out Chris’ Flickr collection.

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When talking to God, use bubbles

On the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the foundation of the Premonstratensian order, the (now defunct) Parc Abbey in Leuven opened its freshly restored rooms to the general public. It proved to be a strange look into what was … Continue reading

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Hello / Goodbye bubble

With vaccination rates steadily growing (at least in my country), everybody seems to be preparing for the grand reopening of social life. Will we escape from our bubbles, or has our frame of reference shrunk so much that we can … Continue reading

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Don’t let smell ruin your speech

Nice use of speech bubbles in these Chinese ads for Mentos.  I particularly like how the bubble shape was integrated in the overall picture, but also how this perfectly illustrates how it’s not just what’s inside the bubble that counts, … Continue reading

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Bubble ? Balloon ?

When looking for a good word for the grapheme that denotes speech in comics (i.e. a good alternative for my native Dutch “tekstballon”), I decided on word balloon.  But I’m still not sure whether speech bubble isn’t a better one. … Continue reading

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Watch what you are saying

It’s been a while since I last posted something that made clever use of that most exemplary of comics-related glyphs, the speech bubble.  Flemish topical cartoonist Lectrr made this cartoon to accompany an opinion piece on the limitations on freedom … Continue reading

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How lazy can you get?

Batman: Damned is a three part miniseries by Lee Bermejo and Brian Azzarello, published in 2018-2019 as part of DC’s Black Label line, aimed at the discerning reader. It’s basically a bloated mess of pseudo-psychological blathering mixed with every esoteric … Continue reading

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Tintin triggered

When the above Tom Tomorrow cartoon popped in my inbox this morning, courtesy of The Nib, I couldn’t help being triggered to reach for my favourite Tintin book and rejoin this great little satirical scene. Of course, after trying to … Continue reading

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