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In Praise of Yahoo Groups : Craig Thompson

Back when the web was young and social media were basically mailing lists, the Ephemerist was a Yahoo Group, with some 30 oddballs sharing comics-related scans and pictures from the most unlikely of places. And as Yahoo Groups are scheduled … Continue reading

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When We Had Tails (Yahoo Group Recap)

Reinder Dijkhuis is one of those cartoonist who work on a very impressive oeuvre without too much fuss or publicity. I’ve been reading his books since he self-published them in the late nineties, although I must admit that I’ve lost … Continue reading

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Bienvenu A Boboland (Yahoo Group Recap)

This Dupuy and Berbérian comic was published as an online exclusive on the website of the French weekly Télérama in july 2006. It’s basic D&B stuff, which would look good on a larger scale, if you ask me.

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Gravity’s Rainbow Illustrated (Yahoo Group Recap)

Zak Smith took it up himself to provide every single page of Thomas Pynchon‘s mind-boggling novel Gravity’s Rainbow with a fitting illustration. The result of this gargantuan task is a sight to behold. Strung after one another, these drawings eerily … Continue reading

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One Second (Yahoo Group Recap)

My good friend Coolz0r collected these ads for a breath freshener that appeared all over the Belgian press in 2006. I like the rather perverse idea that a fresh breath can solve all problems, combined with the pseudo-Liechtenstein art with … Continue reading

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Toby Careful (Yahoo Group Recap)

The Adventures Of Toby Careful is a very strange but quite entertaining strip by Jack Unruh that appeared in the Washington Post Health section on july 19, 2005. I don’t know whether this was part of a longer series, but … Continue reading

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Symbolia (Yahoo Group Recap)

Cartoon Symbolia is a very intertaining and enlightening comic by Dash Shaw about all those loose lines that are scattered through comics and strips, having all kinds of meanings. The lighter side of semiotics, as it were. Highly recommendable

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The Dawn of Dilbert (Yahoo Group Recap)

A second recap from the Ephemerist Yahoo Group. A while ago, Scott Adams published his very first cartoons, with which he pitched his series, Dilbert, on A quite unique look into the past, and it even makes Dogbert, my … Continue reading

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Marjane Satrapi at Women and Children First (Yahoo Group Recap)

This is a repost from the Ephemerist Yahoo Group. I’m a little short on new material, so I decided to focus on some online features that are still available, but may have faded a little. This is a report on … Continue reading

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It’s not Barbie

Herbert Chavez from the Philippines wants to be Superman. For the last 16 years, he’s been having plastic surgery procedure to more closely resemble the Man of Steel. Well, at least it’s not Barbie. Oh, and it turns out there’s … Continue reading

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