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Data comics marries the nerd and the geek in you

At first sight this comic by computer scientist Matt Hong looks like one of Randall Munroe’s more elaborate xkcd gags, but it is something completely new. This is a comic that tells a simple story, while at the same time … Continue reading

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Nancy breaks the comics page

With this comic, current Nancy cartoonist Olivia James proves to her (quite strong-voiced) critics that she is the true successor to Ernie Bushmiller’s throne. Who else will pack breaking the fourth wall, a self-referencing Droste effect and storyboard-like graphics in … Continue reading

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Those are some marvellous stamps, old bean.

Britain’s Royal Mail has announced the issue of a series of Marvel-themed stamps with a British slant, to be released in March 2019. A total of ten stamps will be published featuring the heroes of the day (i.e. the ones … Continue reading

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Blutch in Strasbourg

French cartoonist and illustrator Blutch (Christian Hincker) will the guest of honor at next month’s Rencontres de l’Illustration in Strasbourg, and he provided the poster for the festival. Once more, through subtle colours and strange composition, he’s attained the tender … Continue reading

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The anti-Valentine

In order to give some counterbalance to the annual smooch fest that is Valentine’s Day, cartoonist Liana Finck presented this impression of Out of Africa writer Karen Blixen’s love life in the New York Times. Once more Finck proves herself … Continue reading

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No, it’s your frame of reference.

While thrawling through my feeds earlier today, I came across this visual from a campaign for Sanofi Pasteur about the dangers of whooping cough. It’s probably just how my mind works, and how decades of Tintin have shaped my thinking, … Continue reading

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Original and clear signage? Call Joost Swarte

What do you do when you visit a museum that’s full to the brim with artwork by your all time favorite artist? You admire the signage for toilets, wardrobes and the like. When the Musée Hergé in Louvain-La-Neuve opened its … Continue reading

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Moebius for Maxwell House Coffee

This illustration is one of a series created by French comics genius Moebius (né Jean Giraud) for Maxwell House coffee. Continue reading

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Bianca Bagnarelli on the Havana Syndrome

Italian cartoonist and illustrator Bianca Bagnarelli created this brilliant piece for an article in the November 18 issue of the New Yorker on the Havana Syndrome, the mysterious case when numerous people working in the American embassy in Cuba suddenly became … Continue reading

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Sunday Evening Special – Júníus Meyvant

Thank God for playlists, offering me (and the rest of us) some kind of brilliance at least every so often. This soul god hails from Iceland, and he makes me very happy. (this post goes out one day late, but … Continue reading

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