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Crossing the streams, Tintin style

Thanks to the French comics news site ActuaBD, we now know that even American creators know their classics. In this short comic from Fantastic Four Giant Adventures #1 (2009), Paul Tobin and Dustin Weaver show how The Thing dreams in … Continue reading

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The Dostojewsky Roundabout

Late last year visual wizard Dave McKean posted this wonderful little circle comic on his Twitter. It originally ran in the New York Times, on the occasion of the great Russian’s 200th birthday. Indicentally, McKean’s website is like a tumble … Continue reading

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Walk a mile in Michel’s shoes

For the second year in a row French sneaker brand Caval is presenting an exclusive limited edition based on the long-running racing BD Michel Vaillant,¬†coinciding with the release of the latest album in the series, Pikes Peak. This time, the … Continue reading

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January 10, 2016

For a precious few dates in my life, I can exactly pinpoint where I was at the time. I still remember sitting in an ill-lit room, doing integration tests before a big software release. We largely played music that day. … Continue reading

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Tintin Rocks (Or “Rocked”)

In December, 2017 French heavy metal band Shinray decided to shake up some social buzz by recording a rocking version of the theme to the classic Tintin cartoons. In their video, they dressed up as the characters from the cartoon … Continue reading

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December 8, 1980

People my age will probably always remember this date as the day the sixties finally died, and the world lost some (a lot) of its innocence. John Lennon, late of the Beatles and one of the major figureheads of late … Continue reading

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All Hail The Handsome Doctor

Back in 1949 serums were the talk of the town when combatting diseases, which lead to feats of heroism like in the above advertisment strip for Gillette safety razors (with a compartment for used blades!). And when I’m talking about … Continue reading

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It’s the comics that’s the problem!

Just like social media and the iPad these days, Pok√©mon and Heavy Metal and horror movies before that, comic books are at the root of all that’s wrong with kids. I wouldn’t know what’s wrong with kids, but even Socrates … Continue reading

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Now that’s what I call ephemeral (also, stamps)

I’ve writtten before (quite a lot, actually) about collecting stamps about comics, and I’ve written about counterfeit stamps, fake stamps, satirical stamps and collectibles looking like stamps, but this is going one step further. Turns out in 1964 comic artist … Continue reading

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He’s a hulk, and a menace!

Thanks to the services of some good souls that shall remain anonymous, I came across a number of issues of the early 1980s Marvel UK run of The Incredible Hulk weekly, which mainly consisted of black and white reprints of … Continue reading

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