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Bailly for Anima

Every year in February,  Brussels turns animation crazy thanks to Anima, the Brussels Animation Film Festival. The poster for the festival never fails to be a visual gem (remember Nicholas Fong‘s Zoetrope poster), and this year’s is no different. This … Continue reading

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Keith Haring, Cartoonist

Keith Haring‘s art has always been special to me in that it is immediately recognisable — the broad, clear lines, the cartoony figures and the pop culture sensibilities set him aside from all his contemporaries. I didn’t know he also … Continue reading

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A Quick One?

“How about a quick one?” — it’s quite easy for this double entendre to be misinterpreted. But poor little Troll in this ad for Belgian craft beer Cuvée Des Trolls ends up getting his wish, in a way. (From a … Continue reading

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Come to the vintage side

Star Wars merchandise is everywhere, and with the new and final episode of the trilogy-of-trilogies, it’s getting even more omnipresent. What I particularly like about these American Tourister suitcases, is that for once they don’t sport the overused standard promotional … Continue reading

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Youth was everything in 19th Century Germany

Last month we paid a visit to the Felix Nussbaum Haus in Osnabrück, Germany, checking one more thing off the list. This museum was designed by Daniel Libeskind and is fully dedicated to the amazing work of this Jewish painter … Continue reading

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In Praise of Yahoo Groups : Craig Thompson

Back when the web was young and social media were basically mailing lists, the Ephemerist was a Yahoo Group, with some 30 oddballs sharing comics-related scans and pictures from the most unlikely of places. And as Yahoo Groups are scheduled … Continue reading

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Joost Swarte’s Grocery Lists

Last month a group of friends and I visited the splendid Joost Swarte Everywhere exhibition in the Kunsthal gallery in Rotterdam. It provided a quite complete overview of Swarte’s oeuvre, paying special attention to his “off-the-page” projects, like buildings, stained … Continue reading

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Listen to Death

Neil Gaiman’s Death: The High Cost Of Living was one of the first comics that actually hit me on an emotional level. Before that, comics were funny, or adventurous, but seldom about existence on an almost visceral level. I still … Continue reading

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Data comics marries the nerd and the geek in you

At first sight this comic by computer scientist Matt Hong looks like one of Randall Munroe’s more elaborate xkcd gags, but it is something completely new. This is a comic that tells a simple story, while at the same time … Continue reading

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Nancy breaks the comics page

With this comic, current Nancy cartoonist Olivia James proves to her (quite strong-voiced) critics that she is the true successor to Ernie Bushmiller’s throne. Who else will pack breaking the fourth wall, a self-referencing Droste effect and storyboard-like graphics in … Continue reading

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